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#siftingthroughtheshit to give you reliable, unbiased and mind blowing research on your gut bacteria

In this world of information overload, it is hard to make informed and educated decisions. This is no truer than for science, with the tsunami of pseudoscience and non-expert "experts" making their way into our newsfeeds, news stories and every day lives. Whether it be Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop energy stickers or Pete Evans' claims, fake science is all around us, and it is critical to identify. 

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from South Australia, and I research the incredible world of the gut and its glorious ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and fungi... also known as the 'gut microbiome'. We now know that you are more bug than human, with more bacteria in our gut than cells in our body, and with the use of germ-free mice and powerful genomic analysis we are starting to understand their importance in not only diseases affecting the gut, but those affecting our mood, weight and our ability to sense pain. 


So why write this blog instead of journal articles or conference papers? Well, I firstly want to debunk some myths that are out there, but most importantly I want to share with you some surprising thoughts and insights into how those pesky little buggers in your gut might be the puppeteers of your brain as well as the drivers of health and disease. I want to show you that #pooisNOTtaboo, instead a source of intense, and barely understood knowledge with the potential to influence our susceptibility to disease and act as a hugely beneficial target for drug development. So, it is time to #siftthroughtheshit and champion the mountains of incredible, and reliable, research that is out there! 


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